Utilizing the immersive power of Virtual Reality
(VR), as a company we enhance how employees and candidates experience on-the-job training without risk and track their performance overtime. Our goal is to foster
workforce pipelines so our clients have trusted, accredited, and engaging training for a
more knowledgeable, safer and highly skilled employee.

Enhance-VR Leadership

Founded in 2018, Enhance-VR works to bring training and skill-based jobs into the 21st century through new reality technology.

Chief Executive

Matthew Gill



Upstate Safety Services

Global Cloud Solutions


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STEM Workshop

At a Koffman hosted, Enhance-VR CEO Matt Gill spoke about the advantages of implementing VR into STEM / STEAM initiatives for both companies and schools.

Partnership with GCS

Enhance-VR partners with Global Cloud Solutions (GCS) to provide massive opportunities to their clients.

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Webinar on VR Training

If you’re considering how your company could implement VR, sign up for our upcoming Webinar!


Manufacturing Day 2019

October 4th, 2019- GST Broome-Tioga BOCES, Elmira, NY

Our team went to the Manufacturing Day event that was locally hosted at the GST BT BOCES location in Elmira NY where we demonstrated our “Fire Training” VR experience with two VR stations. We logged over 40 users completing the experience - mainly juniors and seniors preparing to enter the workforce.

Broome Tioga BOCES 2019

Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, Binghamton, NY

We hosted four juniors from BT BOCES P-Tech program in partnership with SUNY Broome over last summer for 5 weeks. We taught them 3D modeling skills, having them produce two “renderings” of scenes to show their artistic and modeling skills. Then taught them basic C# skills and the Unity platform to develop a “Marble Roll” game, which they customized, and as a team - a 4 player VR game. The game was open to the building to play with a great response.

Southern Tier Startup Summit

Koffman Southern Tier Incubator, Binghamton, NY

Demonstrated our multi-user, educational experience, and our full room (20’x20’) education experience to anyone attending the event. I spoke about and discussed VR’s applications in schools and the workforce with guests and investors from the Binghamton Area.

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