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A Tool That Helps Companies Safely Build and Practice Skills 

Through the Enhance-VR platform, companies level up their training and preparedness measures through Virtual Reality.


Increase Your Training Consistency 

Virtual Reality training guarantees that trainees are going to receive the same training experience every time, across your whole organization.


With more consistent training, you can accurately identify where trainees have a lack of understanding and close those gaps quickly.

Growing Content Library

We work with expert trainers, clients and more to continuously expand our training content.

Whether it's an Enhance-VR original or a custom module made specifically for you, our team strives to ensure content is both engaging for trainees and provides accurate data for trainers!

One Platform To Manage Everything

VR is an incredible technology for learning and checking skills - but it can be difficult to get started, manage, and truly utilize everything it has to offer.

With our platform, we take the hassle out of VR by creating a single hub to setup and control VR headsets, select VR content, and manage your trainees all in one place!

Real-Time Progress Tracking

In VR, each trainee is going to experience their own world of training. Our platform enables trainers to get real time training updates and be more confident in trainee progression.

Now you can see at a granular level where a trainee is stuck, or making mistakes, so you can identify shortcomings faster to ensure your trainees are thoroughly prepared.


Clients' Experiences with our Platform...

"They [students] were able to practice skills they would use in daily operations. When the students came back from a hospital tour and said they recognized what to do because of the virtual reality training."


Director of Workforce Education

Ready to ENHANCE Your Business?

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